Training for Consultants

The process of implementation of requirements of Halal standards and development of system documentation in interested companies is very serious and demanding work. In order to make this process easier for companies and speed up the implementation it is necessary to engage consultant of halal quality.

In accordance with the needs, the Agency for Halal Quality Certification is organizing training for candidates who wish to work as consultant of halal quality.

The goal of the training is to train candidates for independent consulting of the companies that wish to implement the requirements of Halal standard in their plants/processes.

Any candidate who wants to become a consultant of halal quality after graduation, must have computer skills, driving license and to know some of the international standards (HALAL, HACCP, ISO, IFS, BRC .. .). Priority is given to applicants who are consultants in the field of international standards and that are lead auditors of halal quality.

Training for consultants of halal quality is interactive type of education and lasts 5 days. Training curriculum is created by Department for Education Agency for Halal Quality Certification. The lecturers are top experts in the field of Shariah, economics, food technology, biotechnology, agriculture, veterinary medicine, medicine, management, standardization, etc. At the end of the training course candidates take the test of theoretical and practical knowledge. Candidates who achieve minimum 70% of the points on the test meet the requirements for issuing certificate of Consultant of Halal Quality. The candidates who achieve less than 70% of the points on the test have another chance to take the test within 6 months. If then they do not achieve minimum of 70% of the points candidates must again attend the training in order to access the new test.

Certificate for Consultant of Halal Quality is issued for a period of 4 years.