Halal Quality Trademark - Halal Logo

Agency has developed Halal Quality Trademark, which is the logo of the Agency and serves for labeling the halal product. The protection of the Agency's trademark is registered with the Institute of Intellectual Property of B&H, by decision No. IP-08335 / 07-07DI, 2007, based on the Law on Industrial Valuation of B&H ("Official Gazette of B&H" No. 3/02). This also regulates the protection of the word "halal" in accordance with Article 87 of the said law. The logo was entered in the register of stamps at the Institute for Intellectual Property of B&H under the number BAZ0711273.


The role of the trademark is that:

1. Serves to mark products that meet the requirements of the Halal standard,

2. Identifies institutions whose business is related to the production, storage, distribution and sale of halal products and

3. Make distinctive products that meet the Halal standard requirements.


The trademark can be used:

·         Halal quality certification agency in Bosnia and Herzegovina,

·         Manufacturers that have successfully implemented Halal standards BAS 1049: 2007,

·         Sellers and distributors of halal products and

·         Other users authorized by the Agency.


Labeling of halal products

The labeling of halal products is one of the tasks that the Agency, in agreement with producers, is trying to fulfill. Labeling is done for the purpose of easier recognition of halal products in the consumer. The Halal product must be labeled in accordance with the applicable legislation and marked with a halal quality mark. The Agency has developed a unique and appropriate trademark of halal quality that is applied to products in different shapes and their sizes.